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Orthodontics for Children & Adults

Health Benefits of Braces

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of braces, there are also a number of health benefits that braces patients will experience. In many cases, patients with orthodontic issues may not be aware of the dangers associated with improper or misaligned teeth.

One of the primary concerns of orthodontic issues is the increased risk of oral disease such as periodontitis and gum disease. Patients with severely crooked or misaligned teeth naturally have crevices that are not experienced by individuals with straight teeth. These crevices essentially act as “hiding places” for food buildup and bacteria. These crevices make it more difficult for patients to achieve the required level of dental hygiene needed to prevent health issues from developing. If patients fail to maintain proper oral hygiene, the food buildup and bacteria can easily develop into plaque, tartar, cavities and eventually disease. Correcting the teeth with the use of braces can eliminate these hard-to-reach areas, thus decreasing the overall risk for oral disease.

Apart from oral health in particular, having straight teeth can also improve an individual’s overall health. A misaligned bite occurs when the patient’s jaws do not align properly. As a result, the patient may experience bite issues that cause unusual and hazardous stress to be placed on certain teeth and areas of the mouth. This uneven distribution of pressure can cause strain on the jaws, muscles and ligaments during eating and other everyday activities. Additionally, unusual stress on certain teeth may eventually cause them to weaken and become susceptible to chipping and breaking. This can lead to infection and the need for tooth extraction. Correcting the bite through the use of braces can help to prevent and reduce the risk of these issues, thus contributing to the overall health of the patient.

Some patients experience issues such as protruding front teeth. This can be potentially hazardous, especially for individuals who are involved in activities such as sports that increase the risk of blunt force to the mouth. These patients experience a greater risk of chipping and breaking due to the positioning of the teeth. In order to avoid the risks associated with protruding front teeth, these individuals should consider orthodontic treatment through braces.

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