Retainers in Colton, Corona, Perris, Lake Elsinore, Riverside, Tustin

retainers in tustinIf your orthodontic treatment is over and you are waiting anxiously to show off your new smile; you are most likely happy to finally get rid of your braces, but your orthodontist likely told you to continue wearing a retainer.

You must be wondering, why do you even need them. The answer is yes. Here’s why!

What Is The Purpose Of Wearing Retainers?

Teeth retainers help to maintain your beautiful smile by keeping your teeth aligned. After braces are removed, there are chances that your teeth might move back again slightly. Wearing retainers help to keep your teeth fixed in their place by preventing their movement due to pressure exerted on them during chewing and grinding food.

Retainers can also be used for the treatment of minor orthodontic issues.

How Long Do You Need To Wear Your Retainer?

Retainers are very important post-braces care. Some patients need to wear their retainer all of the time after their braces are removed.

However, the duration of wearing retainers differs from patient to patient and may be dependent on the amount of correction applied by the braces.

What Materials Are Retainers Made Of?

A retainer is a device that is custom-made for your teeth. It is typically made of rubber or plastic containing metal wires that cover your teeth on the outside.

Are Retainers Fixed or Removable?

Retainers can be both fixed or removable based on the needs of a patient. For example, children often need a fixed retainer because it is harder for them to take care of the removable one.

Wearing retainers for a prescribed duration of time would help your teeth, muscles, and bones in adapting to the new position. Thus preventing the movement of your teeth for a long time.

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